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In 1874, the Wagner Family started selling travelling bags in Furth im Wald, a picturesque town about a 2-hour drive away from Munich. Almost a century later in 1950, Walter Wagner, the grandson expanded into selling leather to shoe and boot makers. Realizing the bigger potential in the luggage business when people could travel more after the war, Walter started his own luggage business.


30 years later in 1983, Thomas Wagner, Walter’s successor launched a soft-sided luggage line and experienced great success with this. The outstanding quality and functionality of the luggage, coupled with his creative designs made him become a pioneer in this industry.

With his keen understanding of the evolving consumer needs, Thomas was the first to use shock-absorbent wheels on luggage and in 2000, started experimenting with polycarbonate. With this super light material, he developed products such as ‘Xenon’ and ‘X2’, which led to a new luggage trend globally.

In 2010, Thomas Wagner started a new luggage brand ‘WAGNER’ and they are hitting our shores soon, continuing this long-standing tradition of quality that satisfies the customers’ desires.

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