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DELSEY was founded in 1946 by 3 French friends and brothers: Emile Delahaye, André and Walter Seynhaeve, not too dissimilar from SingLi Hong Kong, founded by 3 friends - albeit from different corners of the world!

Starting out with leather camera cases, DELSEY has evolved into the world’s number 2 luggage retailer. Its presence on 5 continents (110 countries) has definitely helped!

Capitalizing on its French flair, DELSEY combines avant-garde designs with the use of cutting edge technologies and materials. Famous for its extreme reliability and innovative design, their ingenious and increasingly lightweight luggage are your faithful travel companions, be it for business or leisure.

If you’re on this site now, it’s probably because you’re making travel plans to go somewhere, do something, meet somebody.

At DELSEY, they’re dedicated to making sure that a luggage never gets in the way of your doing that. Zippers that zip – and stay that way until you unzip them. Handles and straps exactly where you need them, and parts that work every time.

Wherever you’re going, enjoy and bon voyage from DELSEY.

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