What do you do when something on your luggage breaks?


1. Did you keep your proof of purchase and warranty certificate?

  • Yes. (Great, go on to question 2.)
  • No. (Most manufacturers require documentation proof to indicate when a product’s purchased, and hence when the warranty starts. In this case, you’ll probably have to fork out your own money to get it repaired, or buy a new piece of luggage on SingLi if it’s not worth fixing.) 

2. What caused the defect? This determines whether warranty covers it.

    • Manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials: This is most likely caused by manufacturing defects, so the manufacturer will very likely fix or replace it.  Contact them directly and ask.
    • Mishandling of luggage: The baggage handlers probably threw your luggage around like what United Airlines did to the poor guy’s guitar. Submit a claim to the transit company (most of them have insurance against such claims), if possible, before clearing customs. Keep in mind that these transit companies or airlines tend to come with a claim-within-24-hours-policy.

    --Generally, luggage warranty does not cover any damage resulting from misuse, neglect, accidents, abrasion, exposure to extreme conditions, normal wear and tear or transport damage. – Taken from Samsonite’s Warranty Information –  


    3. My luggage was purchased in the US, can I have it repaired in Hong Kong?

      It depends. If your luggage brand is sold worldwide, then you’ll most likely be able to have it fixed anywhere they have authorized representatives. You can expect major companies like Antler, Delsey etc to have licensed representatives in Hong Kong. – Refer to point 5 for contact information.

      In Hong Kong, the warranty period starts from the date of purchase, and is provided by the luggage brand and / or its licensed distributor. Also, warranty periods according to each brand’s product range and areas that serve these warranties may differ, so please refer to the terms and conditions on the warranty certificate.


      4. I have other questions to ask. Whom should I contact?

        If you have further questions regarding warranty, repairs etc, please contact the individual brands or their representatives in Hong Kong:

        Company/Distributor in Hong Kong
        American Tourister
        Samsonite Asia Limited
        Samsonite Asia Limited
        25/F, Tower 2, The Gateway,
        Harbour City, 25 Canton Road,
        Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,
        Hong Kong
        +852 24222611
        Connaught Cases Ltd.


        Unit 8, 4/F Block B,
        Veristrang Industrial Centre,
        34-36 Au Pui Wan Street,
        Fo Tan, Shatin, New Territories,
        Hong Kong


        +852-2695 4994




        Delsey Hong Kong


        Bring your luggage to any Delsey retail store in Hong Kong
        (excluding YATA Tsuen Wan & YATA Shatin)


        Click HERE for phone contact 


         Click HERE for service center contact




         JJonas Creations Ltd.


        21/F, Seaview Centre,
        139-141 Hoi Bun Road,
        Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


        +852-2292 5205




        Win Leader (Hong Kong) Limited
        Room 902, Chinachem Tower,
        34-37 Connaught Road Central,
        Hong Kong 
        +852-3595 1210
        Victorinox Hong Kong  Ltd.
        8/F, Yau Lee Centre, 45 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
        +852  3101 2933
        Hedgren Hedgren Hong Kong Ltd. Bring your luggage to any Delsey retail store in Hong Kong
        Click HERE for phone contact

        Click HERE for service center contact


        **For full details, please refer to the terms and conditions on your warranty certificate.